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Certified Data Centre Professional COURSE SNEAK PEEK

In this short interactive webinar, you will get a sneak peek into the world-class CDCP course.  Find out why the CDCP is the most attended course by data centre professionals from all over the world.  The CDCP is a must-have for anyone working in and around the data centre industry, whether a vendor/supplier, designer/builder, data centre owner/operator, those involved in daily operations of a data centre or a data centre user/customer.  CDCP provides you with the knowledge of all aspects of the data centre and will enable you to talk confidently about the data centre with your colleagues, vendors, customers or your superiors. CDCP certification is a must have for your career in the growing data centre industry. 
Join EPI and check it out here!
Speaker: Otto de Roo Senior Data Centre Consultant & Trainer, EPI Otto has over 25 years of experience in the ICT and mission critical data centre industry. He had the experience managing 13 mission critical data centres in…
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A guide to the Internet of Things provided by Intel

PUE: to compare is human – to improve is divine (part 2 of the DS PUE series of articles)

This is the second part of our discussion about PUE and how I believe it should be used for those who are beginning on their journey to improve power effectiveness within their data centres.  In the first part we spoke about the basics of PUE and what the metric gives you.  In this part I discuss where to focus to reduce your PUE, what benefits must be derived it and when, pragmatically, you should NOT consider PUE improvement as an option.  Read this article here and the first article in the series here.

PDU product selector from Raritan

Access the Raritan PDU product selector here.

Out of this world Information Technology

View the video above on how Teamviewer is used on the International Space Station.

Considering SD-WAN? How to Make the Best Decision for your Organization

Read this great article by Peter Welcher on SD-WAN here.

Business Process Management of Telecommunication Companies: Fulfillment and Operations Support and Readiness Cases

Download this paper on business process management in a telecommunications company here.

In this paper, we consider business process management for a certain business process of telecommunications  companies.  Generally,  business  process  management is  the  management  of  flow  of business activities in an effective and efficient way. If companies have an effective and efficient business  management  process, it is  a  strong weapon for  those companies  in fast changing  business  environments. This  paper focuses  on business  process  management  of fulfilment  and  operations  and  support  readiness  business processes for  telecommunications companies. For  the  fulfilment  process,  we derive  recommended  standard  functions  for  a  company  with eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map). After deriving recommended standard functions, we draw  business  flow  diagram  for  a  certain  process  in  the fulfilment. For  operations support  and readiness  process  we …

Oracle Communications Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery Solution

Download the offer and order data sheet for the Oracle OSS here.

Top 10: OSS/BSS solutions

Read this article here on the Top 10 OSS/BSS solutions available.

Datacentre 10G , 40G Leaf Spine Switch Buying Guide , 2016 June

Read the follow blog post from ArpaWare here that deals with and provides insight into the current data centre switching market.

PUE: to compare is human – to improve is divine (part of the DS PUE series of articles)

Yes, I know – it’s an inadequate distortion of an old, clichéd proverb.  Yet, I say this too often in client meetings and peer discussions, “Don’t compare the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of your data centre to that of another because it’s a pointless exercise. - Lee Smith Read the article here about Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in data centres on our website.

CERTIFIED DATA CENTRE PROFESSIONAL Training Course, Johannesburg, 2-4 May 2017

Apply for the CERTIFIED DATA CENTRE PROFESSIONAL Training course in Johannesburg, South Africa on 2-4 May 2017, here.

DS is the largest provider of certified data centre training in Africa.

Free resources for stock images

There are three main stock images that can be used for blogs.  They are:
Pixabay.  Access the site here.Pexels.  Access the site here.Pickit.  Access the site here.

I'm not a hero - Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger

I'm not a hero.  Just a pilot who used 30 years of experience to do my job. Watch this excellent ad by Nedbank about the Flight of Cactus 1549 which ended up in the Hudson River.

This video is used for educational purposes in the Preview to Crisis Management Introduction which is available for download here.

Checklists: Doing the work right

Checklists are vital to the successful completion of any experts’ work. Learn how the medical, nuclear and aviation industries use checklists to execute work safely and efficiently.
Watch the excellent video above about checklists. This video is used for educational purposes in the Preview to Crisis Management Lifecycle which can be downloaded here.

A simple explanaton of ITIL

Watch the above video of a simple explanation of ITIL.

Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems

Download the Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems compliments of NIST here.

SIP communications for dummies

Download SIP Communications for Dummies compliments of Avaya here.

DDOS for dummies

Download DDOS for Dummies compliments of Corero here.

Session Border Controllers for dummies

Download Session Border Controllers for Dummies compliments of Sonus here.

Backup for dummies

Download Backup for Dummies compliments of Acronis here.

Service assurance for dummies

Download Service Assurance for Dummies compliments of Netscout here.

Next-generation Firewalls for Dummies

Download Next-Generation Firewalls for Dummies compliments of Paloalto here.

SAN Design and Best Practices

Download the SAN Design and Best Practices white paper compliments of Brocade here.

Storage virtualisation for dummies

Download Storage Virtualisation for Dummies compliments of Hitachi Data Systems here.