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Demonstration of Powalert at MyBroadband conference on 26th October 2017

DS will be demonstrating the new patented Powalert at the MyBroadband conference on Thursday 26th October 2017.  Poweralert is a groundbreaking IoT technology sensor.

Comparison of Low-Power Wide-Area Network Technologies

IoT range test in Cape Town, South Africa

Joiin us at the MyBroadband confernce on 26th October 2017

It’s more than just reading the temperature

One of the common applications of IoT is temperature probes but the solution is more than just reading the temperature. Read the full article here .

IoT as a firestorm canary

Firestorms are a worldwide problem where the majority of monitoring and reporting requirements are sourced from either satellite imaging or visual sightings. In some cases, long range terrestrial video surveillance is deployed. Read the full article here .

Taking the heat - IoT with data centres

DS has updated its Powatherm sensor to include backend portal integration into a heatmap. The Powatherm sensor is a ground breaking IoT based sensor that brings cost effective thermal metrics to the data centre. It facilitates the deployment of hundreds of sensors into a data centre that improves reporting and monitoring of facilities. Read the full article here .

Powalert IoT sensor to be launched at MyBroadband 2017 conference

Read our press release for the MyBroadband Conference 2017 where we will launch the Powalert here .